The International Gene Trap Consortium Website -- a portal to all publicly available gene trap cell lines in mouse

What you can do:
Search for all publicly available gene trap lines in mouse.
  • IGTC provides a centralize access to all publicly available mouse gene trap lines.
  • It comprise 45 000 well-characterized ES cell lines which currently represent 40% of known mouse genes, all freely available for the creation of knockout mice on a non-collaborative basis.
  • The database allows users to browse and search the database for trapped genes, BLAST sequences against gene trap sequence tags, and view trapped genes within biological pathways.
  • In addition, IGTC data have been integrated into major genome browsers and bioinformatics sites to provide users with outside portals for viewing this data.
  • Users may also place requests of ES cell lines on this Web site.
  • mouse gene trap cell lines
  • mouse embryonic stem cells
  • murine embryonic stem cells
  • mouse insertional mutations
  • gene trap sequence tags
  • knockout mice
  • mouse phenotypes
  • mouse strains
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