mtDB -- Human Mitochondrial Genome Database, a resource for population genetics and medical sciences

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Search for comprehensive information on human mitochondrial genome.
  • Human Mitochondrial Genome Database (mtDB) has provided a comprehensive database of complete human mitochondrial genomes since early 2000.
  • As of August 2005 this database contains 2104 sequences (1544 complete genome and 560 coding region) available to download or search for specific polymorphisms. Of special interest to medical researchers and population geneticists evaluating specific positions is a complete list of (currently 3311) mitochondrial polymorphisms among these sequences.
  • Recent expansions in the capabilities of mtDB include a haplotype search function and the ability to identify and download sequences carrying particular variants.
  • human mitochondrial genome
  • mitochondrial network
  • mitochondrial haplotype
  • mitochondrial polymorphisms
  • mitochondrial mutations
  • mitochondrial genetic variations
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