Minimotif Miner -- a tool for investigating protein function

What you can do:
Find motifs in a protein sequence.
  • Minimotif Miner (MnM) analyzes protein queries for the presence of short functional motifs that, in at least one protein, has been demonstrated to be involved in posttranslational modifications, binding to other proteins, nucleic acids, or small molecules, or proteins trafficking.
  • To aid in the selection of motifs, MnM ranks motifs based on frequencies in proteomes, protein surface prediction, and evolutionary conservation.
  • It consists of a minimotif database and a web-based application that enables prediction of motif-based functions in user-supplied protein queries.
  • MnM has been revised by expanding the database more than 10-fold to approximately 5000 motifs and standardized the motif function definitions.
  • The web-application user interface has been redeveloped with new features including improved navigation, screencast-driven help, support for alias names and expanded SNP analysis.
  • protein sequence analysis tool
  • protein motif prediction tool
  • protein functional motifs
  • protein motif analysis tool
  • protein motif search tool
  • protein function prediction tool
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