NIH AIDS Research and Reference Reagent Program

What you can do:
Search information on biological and chemical materials for study chemical materials for study of HIV and related opportunistic infections.
  • The Web site provides information on reagents for studying HIV and related opportunistic infections.
  • It also allows researches to order these reagents directly on line.
  • The NIH AIDS Reagent Program evolved from a small bank of HIV research materials into a unique worldwide resource of state-of-the art reagents for HIV and other pathogens. Many of these reagents are not commercially available.
  • Reagents currently in development include: unique overlapping peptide sets for: HIV-1, SIV (consensus M Gag, and Nef; subtype C consensus and ancestral Env and Gag; SIVAGM Env, Gag and Tat); CMV peptide pool for intracellular cytokine assay; sexually acquired HIV-1 of various subtypes during early stages of virus transmission; standard panels of HIVs, SIVs, and SHIVs for vaccine neutralization studies; and macaque specific monoclonal antibodies to CD4, CD8, NK cells and perforin.
  • AIDS reagent
  • HIV reagent
  • HIV overlapping peptide sets
  • HIV-1 subtypes
  • AIDS macaque specific monoclonal antibodies
Literature & Tutorials:
Link to the program overview: AIDS Reagent Program Synopsis
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