GeneAnnot -- A database of annotated Affymetrix probe sets.

What you can do:
Get annotated Affymetrix probe-sets from HG-U95, HG-U133 and HG-U133 Plus2.0.
  • The GeneAnnot system revises and improves annotation of Affymetrix probe sets.
  • The many-to-many relationship between probe-sets and genes is elucidated by GeneAnnot's direct sequence comparison of probes to Genbank, RefSeq and Ensembl mRNA sequences.
  • Whenever possible, probe sets are related to GeneCards genes (, with sensitivity and specificity scores assigned to each probe-set to gene match.
  • If no match to GeneCards is found, probe sets are annotated by their relation to GenBank mRNA sequences and UniGene clusters.
  • Affymetrix probes
  • Affymetrix probe-sets
  • Affymetrix probe-sets annotation
  • gene expression
  • microarray probes
  • Affymetrix Genechips
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