Motif3D -- Relating protein sequence motifs to 3D structure

What you can do:
Visualize protein sequence motifs on the 3D protein structures.
  • Motif3D is a web-based protein structure viewer designed to allow sequence motifs, and in particular those contained in the fingerprints of the PRINTS database, to be visualized on three-dimensional (3D) structures.
  • Motif3D is a simple wireframe protein structure viewer that has been designed specifically for use with the PRINTS database.
  • Through selecting a PDB structure that corresponds to a sequence in a fingerprint, the positions of the motifs in the fingerprint can be visualized.
  • The viewer also allows manual highlighting of motifs of interest on the structure, together with other standard structure viewer features.
  • Additional functionality is provided for the rhodopsin-like G protein-coupled receptors, enabling fingerprint motifs of any of the receptors in this family to be mapped onto the single structure available, that of bovine rhodopsin.
  • protein motif visualization tool
  • protein sequence fingerprints
  • protein fingerprint motifs
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