Alternate Transcript Diversity Database

What you can do:
Derive Transcript Patterns from AltSplice Splice Patterns and search for information on polyA sites.
  • there are two components in the ATD database - AltTrans and AltPas.
  • AltTrans pipeline can be used to derive Transcript Patterns from AltSplice Splice Patterns - a Transcript Pattern is one which is annotated for both splicing and the terminating polyA site.
  • AltPas, which contains data on polyA sites, is derived independent of the observed splice patterns.
  • ATD basically reports alternate transcript patterns (that are annotated for splicing and terminating polyA site) as delineated by AltTrans pipeline; polyA sites as identified in AltPas for every gene are also included in the ATD database.
  • alternative gene splicing
  • alternative splicing pattern analysis tool
  • splice patterns
  • splicing variants
  • splicing isoforms
  • polyA sites
  • alternative Polyadenylation
  • gene structures
  • exons
  • introns
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