SpliceDB -- database of canonical and non-canonical mammalian splice sites

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Search for known mammalian splice site sequences and other related information.
  • A set of 43337 splice junction pairs was extracted from mammalian GenBank annotated genes. 22489 of them are supported by EST sequences. 98.71% of those contain canonical dinucleotides GT and AG for donor and acceptor sites, respectively. 0.56% hold non-canonical GC-AG splice site pairs. The reminder 0.73% occurs in a lot of small groups (with maximum size of 0.05%).
  • The information about verified splice site sequences for canonical and non-canonical sites is presented in SpliceDB with the supporting evidence.
  • mammalian splice sites
  • mammalian gene splicing
  • non-canonical splice sites
  • canonical splice sites
  • mammalian introns
  • mammalian exons
  • mammalian gene structures
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