CuticleDB -- Structural proteins of Arthropod cuticle

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Search for information on all known structural proteins of Arthropod cuticle.
  • CuticleDB is a relational database containing all structural proteins of Arthropod cuticle identified to date.
  • CuticleDB was primarily designed to contain correct and full annotation of cuticular protein data.
  • Many come from direct sequencing of proteins isolated from cuticle and from sequences from cDNAs that share common features with these authentic cuticular proteins.
  • It also includes proteins from the Drosophila melanogaster and the Anopheles gambiae genomes, that have been predicted to be cuticular proteins, based on a Pfam motif responsible for chitin binding in Arthropod cuticle.
  • cuticular proteins
  • insect proteins
  • insect exoskeleton
  • cuticle
  • arthropods
  • protein motifs
This record last updated: 06-15-2006
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