BioCyc -- A collection of pathway/genome databases

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Search for a collection of over 205 pathway/genome databases.
  • BioCyc is a collection of more than 500 organism-specific Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs).
  • Each BioCyc PGDB contains the predicted metabolic network of one organism, including metabolic pathways, enzymes, metabolites and reactions predicted by the Pathway Tools software using MetaCyc ( as a reference database.
  • BioCyc PGDBs also contain predicted operons and predicted pathway hole fillers-predictions of which enzymes may catalyze pathway reactions that have not been assigned to an enzyme.
  • The BioCyc website offers many tools for computational analysis of PGDBs, including comparative analysis and analysis of omics data in a pathway context.
  • The BioCyc PGDBs generated by SRI are offered for adoption by any interested party for the ongoing integration of metabolic and genome-related information about an organism.
  • metabolic networks
  • metabolic maps
  • metabolomics data
  • bacterial metabolic pathways
  • operon prediction
  • enzymes
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