TBestDB -- Taxonomically broad EST database -- protist ESTs

What you can do:
Search for EST data from a wide range of eukaryotes.
  • The TBestDB database contains approximately 370,000 clustered expressed sequence tag (EST) sequences from 49 organisms, covering a taxonomically broad range of poorly studied, mainly unicellular eukaryotes, and includes experimental information, consensus sequences, gene annotations and metabolic pathway predictions.
  • The taxonomically broad EST database TBestDB serves as a repository for EST data from a wide range of eukaryotes, many of which have previously not been thoroughly investigated.
  • Most of the data contained in TBestDB has been generated by the labs of the Protist EST Program located in six universities across Canada.
  • eukaryotic ESTs
  • eukaryotic expressed sequence tags
  • protist EST
  • Stachyamoeba lipophora
  • Ancyromonas sigmoides
  • Amastigomonas bermudensis
  • Diplonema ambulator
  • Diplonema papillatum
  • eukaryotic metabolic pathways
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