U-genome -- A Database on Genome Design in Unicellular Genomes

What you can do:
Search for information on genome architecture and design in unicellular genomes.
  • The database thus aims to serve as a useful tool to evaluate information on unicellular genome structures from an evolutionary and genome design perspective.
  • Data on statistical distributions of exons, introns and proteins, paralogous and orthologous proteins, their corresponding alignments with mapped intron positions are computed and available through u-genome.
  • Correlations between exon-intron content and genome size are presented.
  • The database also integrates a genome browser, Uniview that allows visualization and complete access to the genome data is integrated in u-genome. U-genome enables visualization of the degree of genome/proteome similarity between unicellular genomes.
  • unicellular genomes
  • genome structure
  • gene structures
  • introns
  • exons
  • orthologs
  • paralogs
  • genome evolution
This record last updated: 06-20-2006

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