Yeast Deletion Project and Proteomics of Mitochondria Database

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Search for data from the Yeast Deletion, Mitochondrial Proteomics, and Yeast Expression Projects.
  • The YDPM database serves to support the Yeast Deletion and the Mitochondrial Proteomics Project. The database is hyperlinked with public databases of other The project aims to increase the understanding of mitochondrial function and biogenesis in the context of the cell.
  • In the Deletion Project, strains from the deletion collection were monitored under 9 different media conditions selected for the study of mitochondrial function.
  • The YDPM database contains both the raw data and growth rates calculated for each strain in each media condition.
  • In the Proteomics Project, mitochondria were purified from yeast cells cultured under 4 different growth conditions.
  • The YDPM database contains the mass and time tag values detected by mass spectrometry which were used to define the corresponding protein through a yeast proteome database search.
  • The Expression Project contains genome-wide measurements and analysis of mRNA expression values from Log phase cultures grown under the same media conditions.
  • yeast heterozygous diploid deletion strains
  • yeast homozygous diploid deletion strains
  • yeast growth rate
  • yeast gene expression
  • yeast microarray data
  • yeast mitochondria
  • yeast mitochondrial Proteomics
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