BioCarta -- Online maps of metabolic and signaling pathways

What you can do:
Search extensive collection of dynamic maps of classic metabolic and signal transduction pathway maps.
  • This community-fed database features an extensive collection of maps depicting common metabolic pathways, signal transduction pathway, as well as other biochemical pathways.
  • The dynamic maps also allow users to observe how genes interact.
  • The database catalogs and summarizes important resources providing information for over 120,000 genes from multiple species.
  • pathway map
  • metabolic pathway
  • biosynthetic pathway
  • signal transduction pathway
  • protein biosynthesis pathway
  • RNA protein biosynthesis pathway
  • cellular process pathway
  • Target Based Structure Classification
  • Skeleton Based Structure Classification
  • hormone signaling pathways
  • cell growth
  • cell death
  • apoptosis
  • receptors
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