OncoMine -- Cancer microarray data by gene or cancer type

What you can do:
Search for cancer gene expression microarray data.
  • ONCOMINE is a cancer microarray database and web-based data-mining platform aimed at facilitating discovery from genome-wide expression analyses.
  • Differential expression analyses comparing most major types of cancer with respective normal tissues as well as a variety of cancer subtypes and clinical-based and pathology-based analyses are available for exploration.
  • Data can be queried and visualized for a selected gene across all analyses or for multiple genes in a selected analysis.
  • Furthermore, gene sets can be limited to clinically important annotations including secreted, kinase, membrane, and known gene-drug target pairs to facilitate the discovery of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets.
  • cancer gene expression profiles
  • cancer gene expression data
  • cancer microarray data
  • neoplasms
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