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Search for biological pathway and genomic information of lipid-associated disorders.
  • The GOLD.db (Genomics of Lipid-Associated Disorders Database) was developed to address the need for integrating disparate information on the function and properties of genes and their products that are particularly relevant to the biology, diagnosis management, treatment, and prevention of lipid-associated disorders.
  • It provides a reference for pathways and information about the relevant genes and proteins in an efficiently organized way.
  • The main focus was to provide biological pathways with image maps and visual pathway information for lipid metabolism and obesity-related research.
  • This database provides also the possibility to map gene expression data individually to each pathway. Gene expression at different experimental conditions can be viewed sequentially in context of the pathway. Related large scale gene expression data sets were provided and can be searched for specific genes to integrate information regarding their expression levels in different studies and conditions.
  • Analytic and data mining tools, reagents, protocols, references, and links to relevant genomic resources were included in the database.
  • lipid metabolic pathways
  • Lipid-Associated Disorders
  • lipids
  • lipid metabolism
  • microarray data
  • Adipogenesis Regulatory Network
  • insulin signaling pathway
  • genetic disease
  • hyperlipidemias
  • high blood pressure
  • atherosclerosis
  • lab protocols
  • microarray protocols
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