GPX -- Macrophage Expression Atlas

What you can do:
Search for gene expression data based studies of a range of macrophage cell types following treatment with pathogens and immune modulators.
  • GPX-MEA is a quality scored gene expression database focused on a macrophage cellular system that allows efficient identification of transcriptional patterns.
  • The resource will provide novel insights into the phenotypic response of macrophages to a variety of benign, inflammatory, and pathogen insults.
  • Studies may be queried on the basis of experimental parameters, sample information and quality assessment score.
  • The ability to compare the expression values of individual genes across multiple experiments is provided.
  • In addition, the database offers access to experimental annotation and analysis files and includes experiments and raw data previously unavailable to the research community.
  • macrophage gene expression data
  • macrophage gene expression profiles
  • macrophage gene pathways
  • macrophage microarray analysis
  • macrophage phenotypic response
  • human immune system
This record last updated: 10-22-2006

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