IEDB -- The Immune Epitope Database

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A repository of web-based tools for the prediction and analysis of immune epitopes.
  • The Immune Epitope Database provides a catalog of experimentally characterized B and T cell epitopes, as well as data on Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) binding and MHC ligand elution experiments.
  • The database represents the molecular structures recognized by adaptive immune receptors and the experimental contexts in which these molecules were determined to be immune epitopes.
  • Epitopes recognized in humans, nonhuman primates, rodents, pigs, cats and all other tested species are included.
  • The data from 180,978 experiments were curated manually from the literature, which covers approximately 99% of all publicly available information on peptide epitopes mapped in infectious agents (excluding HIV) and 93% of those mapped in allergens.
  • Data that would otherwise be unavailable to the public from 129,186 experiments were submitted directly by investigators.
  • The database can be queried by epitope structure, source organism, MHC restriction, assay type or host organism, among other criteria.
  • immune epitopes
  • T cell epitopes
  • antibody
  • antigens
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