MHC-Peptide Interaction Database version T (MPID-T)

What you can do:
Search for information on sequence-structure-function information on TcR/pMHC interactions and MHC-Peptide Interaction.
  • MPID-T is a manually curated MySQL((R)) database containing experimentally determined structures of 187 pMHC complexes and 16 TcR/pMHC complexes available in the PDB.
  • Each structure is manually verified, classified, and analyzed for intermolecular interactions (i) between the MHC and its corresponding bound peptide and (ii) between TcR and its bound pMHC complex where TcR structural information is available.
  • The MPID-T database retrieval system has precomputed interaction parameters that include solvent accessibility, hydrogen bonds, gap volume and gap index.
  • Structural visualization of the TcR/pMHC complex, pMHC complex, MHC or the bound peptide can be performed using freely available graphics applications such as MDL((R)) Chime or RasMol, while structural alignment (based on MHC class and peptide length) can be viewed using the Jmol molecular viewer or an MDL((R)) Chime-compatible web browser client.
  • Major Histocompatibility Complex
  • MHC
  • MHC binding peptides
  • MHC binding interactions
  • T-cell receptors ( TcRs)
  • T-cell receptor recognition
  • T-cell receptor binding
  • TcR/pMHC complexes
  • TcR/pMHC interactions
  • Histocompatibility Antigens
  • TcR footprint mapping
  • T-cell recognition
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