FISH x97 family identification of sequence homologues using structure anchored hidden Markov models

What you can do:
Identify homologous protein domain sequences.
  • The FISH server is highly accurate in identifying the family membership of domains in a query protein sequence, even in the case of very low sequence identities to known homologues.
  • Matches to a query sequence provide the user not only with an annotation of the identified domains and hence a hint to their function, but also with probable 2D and 3D structures, as well as with pairwise and multiple sequence alignments to homologues with low sequence identity.
  • In addition, the FISH server allows users to upload and search their own protein sequence collection or to quarry public protein sequence data bases with individual saHMMs.
  • protein sequence analysis tool
  • protein domain analysis tool
  • protein sequence similarity analysis tool
  • homologous structural domains
  • pairwise protein sequence alignment tool
  • remote protein sequence alignment tool
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