TreeDomViewer -- a tool for the visualization of phylogeny and protein domain structure

What you can do:
Visualize structure and phylogeny of protein domains.
  • TreeDomViewer, a visualization tool available as a web-based interface that combines phylogenetic tree description, multiple sequence alignment and InterProScan data of sequences and generates a phylogenetic tree projecting the corresponding protein domain information onto the multiple sequence alignment.
  • TreeDomViewer adopts an evolutionary perspective on how domain structure of two or more sequences can be aligned and compared, to subsequently infer the function of an unknown homolog.
  • This tool produces an interactive scalar vector graphics image that provides orthological relationship and domain content of proteins of interest at one glance.
  • In addition, PDF, JPEG or PNG formatted output is also provided.
  • protein domain structure analysis tool
  • protein phylogeny visualization tool
  • protein phylogenetic tree
  • protein domain annotation
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