TreeDet -- Predicting Functional Residues in Protein Sequence Alignments

What you can do:
Predict functional sites in protein sequence alignments use different methodologies.
  • The TreeDet (Tree Determinant) Server is designed to integrate results from methods that predict functional sites in protein families.
  • These methods take into account the relation between sequence conservation and evolutionary importance.
  • TreeDet fully analyses the space of protein sequences in either user-uploaded or automatically generated multiple sequence alignments.
  • TreeDet integrates the results of three different methods ([S-method], [MB-method], and [FASS]) in a single output interface.
  • An additional method is provided to highlight the reliability of the position in the alignments.
  • protein functional sites prediction tool
  • protein functional residue prediction tool
  • protein pairwise alignment evaluation tool
Literature & Tutorials:
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