DOUTfinder x97 identification of distant domain outliers using subsignificant sequence similarity

What you can do:
Detect distantly related protein domains.
  • DOUTfinder is a web-based tool facilitating protein domain detection among related protein sequences in the twilight zone of sequence similarity.
  • The sequence set required for this analysis can be provided by the user or will be collected using PSI-BLAST if a single sequence is given as an input.
  • The obtained sequence family is analyzed for known Pfam and SMART domains, and the thereby identified subsignificant domain similarities are evaluated further.
  • Domains with several subthreshold hits in the query set are ranked based on a sum-score function and likely homologous domains are suggested according to established cut-offs.
  • By providing a post-filtering procedure for subsignificant domain hits DOUTfinder allows the detection of non-trivial domain relationships and can thereby lead to new insights into the function and evolution of distantly related sequence families.
  • protein domain analysis tool
  • protein domain similarity analysis tool
  • distant protein domain prediction tool
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