Protemot -- prediction of protein binding sites with automatically extracted geometrical templates

What you can do:
Predict protein binding sites in a protein sequence based on geometrical analysis of protein tertiary substructures.
  • Protemot web server carries out prediction of protein binding sites based on the structural templates automatically extracted from the crystal structures of protein-ligand complexes in the PDB (Protein Data Bank).
  • In its 2006 release, 1051 distinctive templates of protein binding sites have been identified from 5146 protein-ligand complex crystal structures.
  • Experimental results show that Protemot can deliver a superior prediction power than a web server based on a manually curated template library with insufficient quantity of entries.
  • protein binding site prediction tool
  • protein functional site prediction tool
  • protein-ligand binding
This record last updated: 07-25-2006
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