HHsenser -- exhaustive transitive profile search using HMMx96HMM comparison

What you can do:
Conduct exhaustive intermediate profile searches of a set of homologous protein sequences.
  • HHsenser is the first server to offer exhaustive intermediate profile searches, by combining with pairwise comparison of hidden Markov models.
  • Starting from a single protein sequence or a multiple alignment, it can iteratively explore whole superfamilies, producing few or no false positives.
  • The output is a multiple alignment of all detected homologs.
  • It may also aid applications that rely on diverse multiple sequence alignments as input, such as homology-based structure and function prediction, or the determination of functional residues by conservation scoring and functional subtyping.
  • protein sequence analysis tool
  • protein profile search tool
  • protein motif detection tool
  • protein homologous sequence analysis tool
This record last updated: 07-26-2006
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