BTW -- a web server for Boltzmann time warping of gene expression time series

What you can do:
Compare temporal gene expression pattern from different samples.
  • The BTW web server allows a user to upload two tab-separated text files A,B of gene expression data, each possibly having a different number of time intervals of different durations.
  • BTW then computes time warping distance between each gene of A with each gene of B, using a recently developed symmetric algorithm which additionally computes the Boltzmann partition function and outputs Boltzmann pair probabilities.
  • The Boltzmann pair probabilities, not available with any other existent software, suggest possible biological significance of certain positions in an optimal time warping alignment.
  • microarray data analysis tool
  • gene expression time series data analysis tool
  • gene temporal expression pattern comparison tool
This record last updated: 08-02-2006

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