CARMAweb -- comprehensive R- and bioconductor-based web service for microarray data analysis

What you can do:
Perform comprehensive analysis of microarray data.
  • CARMAweb (Comprehensive R-based Microarray Analysis web service) is a web application designed for the analysis of microarray data.
  • CARMAweb performs data preprocessing (background correction, quality control and normalization), detection of differentially expressed genes, cluster analysis, dimension reduction and visualization, classification, and Gene Ontology-term analysis.
  • This web application accepts raw data from a variety of imaging software tools for the most widely used microarray platforms: Affymetrix GeneChips, spotted two-color microarrays and Applied Biosystems (ABI) microarrays.
  • R and packages from the Bioconductor project are used as an analytical engine in combination with the R function Sweave, which allows automatic generation of analysis reports.
  • These report files contain all R commands used to perform the analysis and guarantee therefore a maximum transparency and reproducibility for each analysis.
  • microarray data analysis tool
  • gene expression data analysis tool
  • differential gene expression analysis
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