Arabidopsis Co-expression Tool (ACT): web server tools for microarray-based gene expression analysis

What you can do:
Identify co-expressed genes based on n a large Arabidopsis thaliana microarray data set.
  • The Arabidopsis Co-expression Tool, ACT, ranks the genes across a large microarray dataset (21,800 genes based on data from over 300 arrays) according to how closely their expression follows the expression of a query gene.
  • It allows users to identify genes whose expression patterns are correlated across selected experiments or the complete data set.
  • Clique Finder (CF) identifies groups of genes which are consistently co-expressed with each other across a user-defined co-expression list.
  • In combination, these tools offer three levels of analysis: creation of correlation lists of co-expressed genes, refinement of these lists using two-dimensional scatter plots, and dissection into cliques of co-regulated genes
  • Arabidopsis gene co-expression patterns
  • gene co-regulation analysis
  • Arabidopsis microarray data analysis tool
  • Arabidopsis gene expression analysis
  • plant gene expression analysis
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