CRSD -- a comprehensive web server for composite regulatory signature discovery

What you can do:
Conduct multi-facet analysis of composite regulatory signature by transcription factors and microRNA on gene expression.
  • The composite regulatory signature database (CRSD)can be applied in investigating complex regulatory behaviors involving gene expression signatures (GESs), microRNA regulatory signatures (MRSs) and TF regulatory signatures (TRSs).
  • A total of eight well-known and large-scale databases, including the human UniGene, mature microRNAs, putative promoter, TRANSFAC, pathway and Gene Ontology (GO) databases are integrated in this web server.
  • To accomplish the microarray data analysis at one go, several methods, including microarray data pretreatment, statistical and clustering analysis, iterative enrichment analysis and motif discovery, were closely integrated in the web server.
  • transcription factor binding sites prediction tool
  • regulatory motifs identification tool
  • gene expression signatures
  • microRNA regulatory signatures
  • TF regulatory signatures
  • microarray data analysis tool
  • enrichment analysis
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