Applications for protein sequencex96function evolution data -- mRNA/protein expression analysis and coding SNP scoring tools

What you can do:
Conduct protein classification, expression analysis and SNP function screening.
  • This site offers three web services:
  • ** protein classification service: Proteins can be classified, using only their amino acid sequences, to evolutionary groups at both the family and subfamily levels. Specific subfamilies, and often families, are further classified when possible according to their functions.
  • ** expression data analysis service: use functional classification information to find biological patterns in the data obtained from genome-wide experiments.
  • ** coding single-nucleotide polymorphism scoring service: information about evolutionarily related proteins is used to assess the likelihood of a deleterious effect on protein function arising from a single substitution at a specific amino acid position in the protein.
  • protein functions
  • protein families
  • protein classification tool
  • phylogeny
  • protein sequence alignments
  • high-throughput analysis
  • SNP
  • single nucleotide polymorphisms
  • SNPs
  • SNP functional analysis
  • SNP effects
  • SNP phenotypes
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