KOBAS server -- a web-based platform for automated annotation and pathway identification

What you can do:
Annotate a set of nucleotide or protein sequences with KEGG Orthology terms and identify frequently occurring or statistically significantly enriched pathways among the queried sequences.
  • KOBAS, KEGG Orthology-Based Annotation System, can annotate a set of nucleotide or protein sequences with KEGG Orthology terms based on BLAST similarity search against KEGG GENES or direct cross sequence identifier mapping.
  • The server can support input by nucleotide or amino acid sequences or by sequence identifiers in popular databases and can annotate the input with KO terms and KEGG pathways by BLAST sequence similarity or directly ID mapping to genes with known annotations.
  • The server can then identify both frequent and statistically enriched pathways, offering the choices of four statistical tests and the option of multiple testing correction.
  • biological pathways prediction tool
  • metabolic pathway prediction tool
  • signal transduction pathway prediction tool
  • gene annotation tool
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