PRIMEGENS -- robust and efficient design of gene-specific probes for microarray analysis

What you can do:
Select gene-specific fragments and then design PCR primer pairs to amplify fragments suitable for microarray probes.
  • PRIMEGENS is developed for the automatic design of PCR primers using DNA fragments that are specific to individual open reading frames (ORFs).
  • It first carries out a BLAST search for each target ORF against all other ORFs of the genome to quickly identify possible homologous sequences.
  • Then it performs optimal sequence alignment between the target ORF and each of its homologous ORFs.
  • Finally, PRIMEGENS uses the sequence alignments to select gene- specific fragments, and then feeds the fragments to the Primer3 program to design primer pairs for PCR amplification.
  • This method is very efficient and reliable for designing specific probes for microarray analysis.
  • PCR primer design tool
  • ORF amplification tool
  • gene specific probe design tool
  • microarray probe design tool
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