PHOSIDA -- Phosphorylation site database

What you can do:
Search for phosphorylation data of any protein of interest.
  • It lists phosphorylation sites associated with particular projects and proteomes or, alternatively, displays phosphorylation sites found for any protein or protein group of interest.
  • Phosida links extensive peptide information to the phosphorylation sites, such as several peptides implicating the same site and temporal profiles of each site in response to stimulus.
  • As of 2006, it included one project that detected phosphorylation in Homo sapiens. But further projects which do not only focus on Homo sapiens, but also organisms such as Bacillus subtilis will follow, soon.
  • human protein phosphorylation
  • protein phosphorylation kinetics
  • protein phosphorylation temporal patterns
  • phosphorylation sites
  • human signaling networks
  • posttranslational protein modifications
This record last updated: 08-11-2008
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