ExactAntigen -- a database of monoclonal antibody products

What you can do:
Search for comprehensive information about thousands of monoclonal antibody products.
  • ExactAntigen is a curated database of 22,000 monoclonal antibody products, hundreds of thousands of product information submitted by our reagent provider partners, millions of webpages selected from all 700 reagent suppliers and over 200,000 bioscience-related websites.
  • All are organized according to genes, species, reagent types (antibodies, phospho-specific antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISA, siRNA, etc.), patents, and researchers.
  • The database can be searched using gene name/symbol, species, reagent types, and disease.
  • The results often list other molecular products, such as gene-blocking siRNA molecules, along with publications and relevant patents.
  • ExactAntigen crawls monthly the websites of all reagent suppliers to fetch information about new products, and update the information for submitted products.
  • monoclonal antibody information warehouse
  • commercial antibodies
  • phospho-specific antibodies
  • immunology
Literature & Tutorials:
Link to a brief info: TOOLS: Hooking Up With Antibodies
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