AbMiner -- a bioinformatic resource on available monoclonal antibodies and corresponding gene identifiers for genomic, proteomic, and immunologic studies

What you can do:
Search for information on over 600 commercially available antibodies for protein microarray studies.
  • AbMiner is a web-based relational database of information on > 600 commercially available antibodies that we validated by Western blot for protein microarray studies.
  • It includes many types of information on the antibody, the immunogen, the vendor, the antigen, and the antigen's gene.
  • Multiple gene and protein identifier types provide links to corresponding entries in a variety of other public databases, including resources for phosphorylation-specific antibodies.
  • AbMiner also includes our quality-control data against a pool of 60 diverse cancer cell types (the NCI-60) and also protein expression levels for the NCI-60 cells measured using our high-density "reverse-phase" protein lysate microarrays for a selection of the listed antibodies.
  • The data in AbMiner indicate specificity with respect to the antigens in a pool of 60 diverse cell types from nine different tissues of origin.
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • protein microarray
  • proteomics
  • immunogen
  • antigen detection
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