The Connectivity Map -- Using Gene-Expression Signatures to Connect Small Molecules, Genes, and Disease

What you can do:
Use gene expression profiles to discover functional connections among diseases, genetic perturbation, and drug action.
  • The Connectivity Map (also known as cmap) is a collection of genome-wide transcriptional expression data from cultured human cells treated with bioactive small molecules and simple pattern-matching algorithms that together enable the discovery of decisive functional connections between drugs, genes and diseases through the transitory feature of common gene expression changes.
  • The resource can be used to find connections among small molecules sharing a mechanism of action, chemicals and physiological processes, and diseases and drugs.
  • This web interface is designed to allow biologists, pharmacologists, chemists and clinical scientists to use cmap without the need for any specialist ability in the analysis of gene expression data.
  • human gene expression profiles
  • gene expression data analysis
  • function association analysis
  • system biology tool
  • human disease
  • drug evaluation
  • drug design
  • pharmacology
  • human gene expression data
  • human microarray analysis
  • bioactive small molecules
  • small-molecule perturbagens
  • human MCF7 cell lines
  • HDAC Inhibitors
  • HSP90 inhibitors
  • Phenothiazines
  • Alzheimer's disease
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