Tcoffee@igs -- A web server for computing, evaluating and combining multiple sequence alignments

What you can do:
Conduct and evaluate multiple sequence alignments for protein, DNA and RNA.
  • This server is a web-based tool dedicated to the computation, the evaluation and the combination of multiple sequence alignments.
  • Given a set of unaligned sequences, the T-Coffee server returns an evaluated multiple sequence alignment and the associated phylogenetic tree.
  • This alignment information can be derived from heterogeneous sources such as a mixture of alignment programs and/or structure superposition.
  • This server also makes it possible to evaluate the local reliability of an existing alignment and to combine several alternative multiple alignments into a single new one.
  • Datasets of up to 100 sequences (2000 residues long) can be processed
  • protein multiple sequence alignment
  • DNA multiple sequence alignment
  • RNA multiple sequence alignment
  • multiple sequence alignment evaluation tool
  • multiple sequence alignment tool
  • phylogenetic tree
  • sequence phylogeny analysis tool
  • M-coffee
  • Mcoffee
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