ArrayQuest -- a web resource for the analysis of DNA microarray data

What you can do:
Use a web-based Linux platform to implement DNA microarray data analysis programs.
  • ArrayQuest is designed to apply any type of DNA microarray analysis program executable on a Linux system (i.e., Bioconductor statistical and graphical methods written in R as well as BioPerl and C++ based scripts) to DNA microarray data stored in MUSC, GEO or other databases.
  • Key features of ArrayQuest are:
  • (1) it is capable of executing numerous analysis programs such as those written in R, BioPerl and C++;
  • (2) new analysis programs can be added to ArrayQuest Methods Library at the request of users or developers;
  • (3) input DNA microarray data can be selected from public databases (i.e., the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) DNA Microarray Database or Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)) or it can be uploaded to the ArrayQuest center-point web server into a password-protected area;
  • (4) analysis jobs are distributed across computers configured in a backend cluster.
  • DNA microarray program implementation
  • microarray data analysis platform
  • microarray data analysis tool
  • gene expression data analysis
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