VISTA Enhancer Browserx97a database of tissue-specific human enhancers

What you can do:
Search for information on experimentally validated human noncoding fragments with gene enhancer activity as assessed in transgenic mice.
  • This growing database currently (as of Feb. 2007) contains over 301 experimentally tested DNA fragments, of which more than 115 have been validated as tissue-specific enhancers.
  • For each positive enhancer, digital images of whole-mount embryo staining at embryonic day 11.5 and an anatomical description of the reporter gene expression pattern are provided.
  • Users can retrieve elements near single genes of interest, search for enhancers that target reporter gene expression to a particular tissue, or download entire collections of enhancers with a defined tissue specificity or conservation depth.
  • human gene enhancers
  • human tissue-specific enhancers
  • human cis-regulatory elements
  • human gene expression regulation
  • human gene expression patterns
  • human gene regulatory elements
  • human non-coding DNA elements
  • human developmental enhancers
  • comparative gene expression patterns
  • human exonic splicing enhancers
  • human gene splicing
  • human exonic splicing enhancers
  • human ESE
  • gene splicing
  • transgenic mice
This record last updated: 02-27-2007

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