HMDB -- the Human Metabolome Database

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Search for comprehensive information on human metabolism and metabolites.
  • The most recent release of HMDB has been significantly expanded and enhanced over the previous release.
  • The number of fully annotated metabolite entries has grown from 2180 to more than 6800 (a 300% increase), while the number of metabolites with biofluid or tissue concentration data has grown by a factor of five (from 883 to 4413).
  • The number of purified compounds with reference to NMR, LC-MS and GC-MS spectra has more than doubled (from 380 to more than 790 compounds).
  • Many new database searching tools and new data content has been added or enhanced. These include better algorithms for spectral searching and matching, more powerful chemical substructure searches, faster text searching software, as well as dedicated pathway searching tools and customized, clickable metabolic maps.
  • human metabolite
  • human metabolism
  • human metabolic pathway
  • metabolomics
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