H-DBAS -- Alternative splicing database of completely sequenced and manually annotated full-length cDNAs based on H-Invitational

What you can do:
Search for annotated information on alternatively spliced human transcripts.
  • H-DBAS is a specialized database for human alternative splicing (AS) based on H-Invitational full-length cDNAs.
  • For better annotations of AS events, RNA-Seq tag information was correlated to the AS exons and splice junctions.
  • 148,376,598 RNA-Seq tags were gemerated from RNAs extracted from cytoplasmic, nuclear and polysome fractions.
  • Analysis of the RNA-Seq tags identified 90,900 exons that are very likely to be used for protein synthesis.
  • 254 AS junctions of human RefSeq transcripts are unique to nuclear RNA and may not have any translational consequences.
  • A new comparative genomics viewer is available so users can empirically understand the evolutionary turnover of AS.
  • human alternative gene splicing
  • Human AS variants
  • Human gene structures
  • Human gene introns
  • Human gene exons
  • Human mRNA splicing
  • Human transcriptome
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