SUBA -- the Arabidopsis Subcellular Database

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Search for integrated information on subcellular localization of Arabidopsis proteome.
  • The localization data in SUBA encompasses 10 distinct subcellular locations, >6743 non-redundant proteins and represents the proteins encoded in the transcripts responsible for 51% of Arabidopsis expressed sequence tags.
  • It integrates Arabidopsis protein localization information from various sources, including at least 1100 experiments based on Chimeric fluorescent fusion proteins, approximately 2600 proteins from mass spectrometry study, as well as those predicted with software.
  • Arabidopsis protein localizations
  • Arabidopsis protein subcellular localizations
  • protein localization prediction
  • protein subcellular localization prediction
  • eukaryotic proteomes
  • plant proteome
  • plant protein localization
  • GFP localization
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