FireDB -- a database of functionally important residues from proteins of known structure

What you can do:
Search for functional annotation of important sites in proteins with known structures.
  • The FireDB database is a databank for functional information relating to proteins with known structures.
  • It contains the most comprehensive and detailed repository of known functionally important residues, bringing together both ligand binding and catalytic residues in one site.
  • The platform integrates biologically relevant data filtered from the close atomic contacts in Protein Data Bank crystal structures and reliably annotated catalytic residues from the Catalytic Site Atlas.
  • The interface allows users to make queries by protein, ligand or keyword. Relevant biologically important residues are displayed in a simple and easy to read manner that allows users to assess binding site similarity across homologous proteins.
  • Binding site residue variations can also be viewed with molecular visualization tools.
  • protein active sites
  • protein functional sites
  • protein functional annotation
  • protein ligand binding sites
  • protein catalytic residues
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