Phospho3D -- a database of three-dimensional structures of protein phosphorylation sites

What you can do:
Search for 3D structure and functional annotation of phosphorylation sites in proteins.
  • This is a database of 3D structures of phosphorylation sites, which stores information retrieved from the phospho.ELM database and is enriched with structural information and annotations at the residue level.
  • The database also collects the results of a large-scale structural comparison procedure providing clues for the identification of new putative phosphorylation sites.
  • protein phosphorylation sites
  • protein phosphorylation site structure
  • protein three-dimensional structures
  • phosphorylation site prediction
  • protein active sites
  • protein functional sites
  • protein functional annotation
  • protein catalytic residues
  • protein post-translational modification
  • protein kinase
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