MiST -- a microbial signal transduction database

What you can do:
Search for information on signal transduction proteins from 459 complete bacterial and archaeal organisms.
  • This database is comprehensive library of the signal transduction proteins from completely sequenced bacterial and archaeal genomes.
  • As of 2007, 69270 two- and one-component proteins in 365 bacterial and archaeal genomes were systematically identified by searching for domain profiles that implicate a particular protein as participating in signal transduction.
  • The user-friendly website allows access and browse the predicted signal transduction proteins within various organisms.
  • Further capabilities include gene/protein sequence retrieval, visualized domain architectures, interactive chromosomal views for exploring gene neighborhood, advanced querying options and cross-species comparison.
  • microbial signal transduction pathways
  • microbial signaling machinery
  • predicted signal transduction proteins
  • prokaryotic signal transduction
  • archaeal signal transduction
  • bacterial signal transduction
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