AnimalQTLdb -- a livestock QTL database tool set for positional QTL information mining and beyond

What you can do:
Search for publicly available QTL data on livestocks and animal species.
  • The Animal Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) database (AnimalQTLdb) is designed to house all publicly available QTL data on livestock animal species from which researchers can easily locate and compare QTL within species.
  • The database tools are also added to link the QTL data to other types of genomic information, such as radiation hybrid (RH) maps, finger printed contig (FPC) physical maps, linkage maps and comparative maps to the human genome, etc.
  • As of early 2007, this database contains data on 1675 pig, 846 cattle and 657 chicken QTL, which are dynamically linked to respective RH, FPC and human comparative maps.
  • Animal Quantitative Trait Loci
  • physical map
  • genetic map
  • cytogenetic map
  • hybrid maps
  • RH map
  • linkage maps
  • finger printed contig (FPC) physical maps
  • quantitative traits
  • animal structural genomics
  • comparative genomics
  • livestocks
  • pig
  • cattle
  • chicken
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