PathoPlantxae -- a platform for microarray expression data to analyze co-regulated genes involved in plant defense responses

What you can do:
Search for information on plant-pathogen interactions, signal transduction, and microarray gene expression during plant pathogenesis.
  • PathoPlantxae is a database on plant-pathogen interactions and components of signal transduction pathways related to plant pathogenesis.
  • PathoPlantxae also harbors gene expression data from Arabidopsis thaliana microarray experiments to enable searching for specific genes regulated upon pathogen infection or elicitor treatment.
  • A user-friendly web interface was created for the submission of gene sets to be analyzed.
  • To identify common cis-regulatory elements in co-regulated genes, a resulting gene list can directly be exported to the AthaMap database for analysis.
  • plant defense response
  • plant pathogens
  • plant-pathogen interactions
  • plant-pathogen signal transduction pathways
  • plant pathogenesis
  • plant microarray data
  • plant gene expression
  • plant gene regulation
  • plant cis-elements
  • plant promoters
  • plant cis-regulatory elements
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