Phylemon -- A suite of web tools for molecular evolution, phylogenetics and phylogenomics

What you can do:
Phylemon is a web server that integrates a selected suite of more than 20 different tools from the most popular stand-alone programs of phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis.
  • Phylemon is an online platform for phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses of molecular sequence data.
  • It has been conceived as a natural response to the increasing demand of data analysis of many experimental scientists wishing to add a molecular evolution and phylogenetics insight into their research.
  • Tools included in Phylemon cover a wide yet selected range of programs: from the most basic for multiple sequence alignment to elaborate statistical methods of phylogenetic reconstruction including methods for evolutionary rates analyses and molecular adaptation.
  • Phylemon has several features that differentiates it from other resources: (i) It offers an integrated environment that enables the direct concatenation of evolutionary analyses, the storage of results and handles required data format conversions, (ii) Once an outfile is produced, Phylemon suggests the next possible analyses, thus guiding the user and facilitating the integration of multi-step analyses, and (iii) users can define and save complete pipelines for specific phylogenetic analysis to be automatically used on many genes in subsequent sessions or multiple genes in a single session (phylogenomics).
  • Computational Biology/*methods
  • Databases, Genetic
  • Evolution, Molecular
  • Genetic Techniques
  • Models, Statistical
  • Phylogeny
  • Sequence Alignment
  • Sequence Analysis, DNA
  • Sequence Analysis, Protein
  • User-Computer Interface
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