MUGEN mouse database--animal models of human immunological diseases

What you can do:
Find murine models of immune processes and immunological diseases.
  • The MUGEN mouse database (MMdb) is a database of murine models of immune processes and immunological diseases.
  • Its aim is to share and publicize information on mouse strain characteristics and availability from participating institutions. MMdb's basic classification of models is based on three major research application categories: Models of Human Disease, Models of Immune Processes and Transgenic Tools.
  • Data on mutant strains includes detailed information on affected gene(s), mutant allele(s) and genetic background (DNA origin, gene targeted, host and backcross strain background).
  • Each gene/transgene index also includes IDs and direct links to Ensembl, ArrayExpress, EURExpress and NCBI's Entrez Gene database.
  • Phenotypic description is standardized and hierarchically structured, based on MGI's mammalian phenotypic ontology terms.
  • Availability (e.g. live mice, cryopreserved embryos, sperm and ES cells) is clearly indicated, along with handling and genotyping details (in the form of documents or hyperlinks) and all relevant contact information (including EMMA and Jax/IMSR hyperlinks where available).
  • mouse
  • murine
  • models of human disease
  • models of immune processes
  • transgenic tools
  • mouse strain characteristics
  • mutant strains
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