ProSAS -- a database for analyzing alternative splicing in the context of protein structures

What you can do:
A unified resource for analyzing effects of alternative splicing events in the context of protein structures.
  • ProSAS comprehensively annotates and models protein structures for several Ensembl genomes as well as SwissProt entries harbouring splicing events.
  • Alternative isoforms annotated in Ensembl or SwissProt can be analyzed on the protein structure and protein function level using an intuitive user interface that provides several features and tools for a structure-based analysis of alternative splicing events.
  • alternative splicing
  • alternative splice events
  • splice isoforms
  • splicing signals
  • splicing regulatory elements
  • gene splicing analysis tool
  • RNA splicing
  • splicing patterns
  • intron
  • introns
  • exon
  • protein structure
  • structure-based analysis
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